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Brain Test Level 3: Put The Elephant Into The Fridge

Brain Test Level 3: Put The Elephant Into The Fridge [Answer]

In Level 3, the title is “Put the elephant into the fridge” and the picture shows a closed fridge and an elephant.
So how can we put the elephant into the fridge?


The answer to Brain Test Level 3 is:

Players can open the refrigerator by clicking the refrigerator door handle, and then long press the elephant pattern to drag it into the refrigerator, so as to successfully pass the level 3.

step 1: open fridge
step 2: put elephant into fridge

Walkthrough Videos

To help you get through Brain Test Level 3, we’ve provided some practice videos:

What Is Brain Test Tricky Puzzle?

Brain Test, a puzzle game developed by Unico Studio, tests players’ ability to think on their feet with its brain teasers.

The game features a range of challenges, from simple riddles and math problems to more complex tasks, that require players to use their creativity and divergent thinking.

Each level of the game has its own unique set of challenges and obstacles.

The unique levels offer a range of mental challenges and obstacles, contributing to the game’s addictive nature.

This game allows for both social and solo play options from the comfort of your home.

Overall, Brain Test is an excellent game for players of all ages, with its engaging and stimulating puzzles.

You can find the app in the Google Play Store (for android) or the Apple App Store (for iphone).

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