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Brain Test Level 1: Which One Is The Biggest?

In the brain test level 1, five animals have been listed: an elephant, a lion, a mouse, a zebra, and a monkey. Players must identify which of these animals is the largest.

Answers: Lion Has The Biggest Shape

Here is the answer to Brain Test level 1:

The lion has the biggest shape, and the players can quickly pass the level by tapping the lion with their fingers.

Brain Test Level 1: Which One Is The Biggest? [Answers]
The lion is the largest, and the players can quickly pass the level by tapping the lion with their fingers.
The lion is the largest

Walkthrough Videos

 Here are some walkthrough videos that I hope will help you:

What Is “Brain Test: Tricky Puzzle”?

“Brain Test Tricky Puzzle” is a puzzle game developed by Unico Studio that features a variety of brain teasers that require different modes of thought to solve.

What sets this game apart is that it requires players to use their creativity and divergent thinking to solve challenges ranging from simple riddles and math problems to more complex tasks.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzle
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzle

The game features a series of levels with unique challenges and obstacles. Different levels provide different mental experiences and gameplay enjoyment, which is part of what keeps players coming back for more. You can play with friends or progress on your own at home.

Overall, Brain Test is a fun and engaging game for players of all ages.

You can download the game from the google play store (android phone) or the apple app store (iPhone).

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Congratulations on completing level 1!

completing level 1

You can get hints for level 2 by clicking the “Brain Test Level 2” button below or view guides for all levels by clicking the “All Answers on Brain Test” button.

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