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brain test level 305


The answer to Brain Test Level 305 is:

The blue wizard may not have any special abilities, however you can assist him in overcoming the black wizard by using chandelier armus to cause a chandelier to descend on his head.

brain test level 305 answer

Walkthrough Videos

To help you get through Brain Test Level 305, we’ve provided some practice videos:

What Is Brain Test Tricky Puzzle?

Brain Test, a puzzle game from Unico Studio, challenges players to use their critical thinking skills to solve its brain teasers.

From easy riddles and math problems to more complex tasks, the game challenges players to use their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to solve its challenges.

Each level in the game presents its own unique challenges and obstacles.

The diverse levels offer unique mental experiences and enjoyment for the player, which is a major part of the game’s appeal.

Brain Test Tricky Puzzle

You can work with friends or tackle the challenges solo at home.

In short, Brain Test is a thrilling game for players of all ages, with its diverse and challenging puzzles.

To get the app, you can go to the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iPhone).

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brain test level 305 answer

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